Tommy Robinson: Disgracing A Nation

Where do we even start? I could go with the fraud, the racism, the multiple counts of domestic abuse or even that he actively ignored cases of underage sexual abuse when the perpetrators were part of his embarrassing EDL movement.

But that’s not the worst part. Why? Because people already know this. Everyone in the UK is aware of what this man is, yet hundreds if not thousands of stone island wearing idiots turn up to sing ‘oh tommy tommy’ and cheer on this false prophet of a leader. A man that is actively polluting so many easily influenced minds across Great Britain.

You can’t even have a discussion with these people though. “Never has a man been so hated and feared for doing what’s right for his country” they write proudly on Facebook (forgive me for correcting the spelling I couldn’t bring myself to type ‘H8ted’). Yet as soon as someone with more than 2 brain cells comments on the post claiming that “Tommy’s a racist, homophobic bigot and there is no place for him in today’s society” the Robinson army were up in arms.

They quickly came together, had a long discussion filled with debate and vigour as to how they were going to respond to this comment,  this repulsive comment questioning their almighty leader. I know what you’re thinking “Harry what did they say, what did they come up with?” Fear not, I’m going to share with you the intellectual reply that the creator of the original post constructed… “f**k off you nonce”. Well there’s no arguing with that is there.

There are dozens of studies and legal case studies as to why Tommy Robinson is such an awful and dangerous human-being and how he’s been given the platform to pollute our nation is beyond me. I will attach links to these papers to this piece but I won’t include the statistics in my writing as that isn’t the point. I don’t want to talk about how many people are directly involved in violence due to his direct influence or how many EDL members have been arrested for offences that Robinson supposedly fights against.

I just want to talk on a human level about the support given to a man that doesn’t even exist.

Robinson’s real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon. He was born in Luton in 1982 and went to Putteridge High School where he achieved 11 A*- C GCSE’s. I rest my case.

Little Steph was born in one of the UK’s biggest cultural mixing pots and was obviously, at one point, reasonably intelligent. There is no way on earth that little Steph believes the venom that he spews to all of his robotic followers.

The thing is, Stephen is playing a character. He identified something missing when he was working with one of Britain’s most violent and destructive political organisations in history, the BNP (and yes I use the phrase ‘political’ loosely). He spotted that the uneducated, woe is me, “there’s too many blacks in this country” voters needed a leader. Much like Hitler did when became chancellor of Germany in 1933. He identified a radical audience that could be drip fed skewed information to confirm the racist and narcissistic views that they already hold. What is so strange is the fact that besides his racist propaganda, Robinson literally offers nothing else to the lives of his supporters. “Okay Tom, but what do you think about Universal Credit, the irish border, political reform or the local election in my town?”. I can feel the silence that he would respond with it’s terrifying.

The whole point of this feature, I think, is to urge people to stop the support for this man. If you think there is too many foreign people in this country or that the burqa should be banned or you’re offended by mosques then fine! But the man you place all your hopes in DOES NOT think the same of you.

He does not share these views and he most certainly does not care about your welfare. He only cares about himself. He’s using your views to further himself and his career, you’re giving him the platform to spread even more hate and then you teach your children that this is the way and the cycle continues and the future, with this trend in mind, seems incredibly bleak.

Thankfully, the vast majority of our country understand what Robinson is and resent him for it. It is refreshing to know that his man will never be able to obtain a real position of power and he will have to get his fix of fame from behind a Facebook screen.

Nevertheless, today’s planet is filled with hate and spite and anguish and now, more than ever, we need people to come together. Whatever race, whatever belief, it does not matter.

We’re all in this together and clean hearts and open minds make the world such a beautiful place. By taking the soapbox away from people like Robinson, we’d be one step closer to achieving complete harmony.

Please don’t get angry, just get informed.


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