Top Trump?

First off, let me make it clear that my knowledge in regards to American politics may not be far superior to your average Joe in the UK, although it is that reason exactly that qualifies me to write a column about the 45th president of the United States of America, Mr Donald Trump.

“A misogynistic, homophobic, sexist, racist.” That’s what they call him. You know who they are, the hundreds of A-list celebrities ranging right from Brooklyn’s own Jay-z to Californian dream, Katy Perry. The all-star list was filled with famous singer, sportsmen and actors from all across the nation, but in reality, these stars represent such a small minority of the American population that their backing of Mrs Clinton’s Democrat party was about as nonsensical as Great Britain’s former Chancellor of the Exchange, George Osbourne, working a grueling ‘shift’ with the loading staff at supermarket; Asda. Unfortunately, you weren’t fooling anyone Mr Osbourne, perhaps it was the crisp, silk tie peeping out from underneath the worn out, high-vis jacket that gave it away? Or maybe it was the fact that at first glance, Mr Osbourne believed that ASDA was actually an acronym for some form of sexually transmitted disease until best buddy Dave reliably informed him that it was something far, far worse. But I digress.

In actual fact, my reference to the ‘average joe’ was very deliberate. It seems that the everyday citizens in the USA, were the driving force behind the shock horror Trump victory. It disregarded any racial or gender centred issues that were amplified so much throughout the race for the white house, and the primary factor behind the majority red vote was the everyday Americans quality of life. Before I continue, no I haven’t ever lived in America, nor have I been there, but there seems to be a common factor with Great Britain’s Brexit and the USA’s Trump victory. Both nations have made such life changing decisions that were so surprising with various so called ‘experts’ being unable to predict both results and there quite simply has to be an underlying factor that influenced the peoples drastic vote. My guess… frustration and desperation for change.

I appreciate that the battle for presidency was, in essence, asking the nation to pick between the better of two evils and I agree with that notion completely. But if the American population was happy with the way things were with their individual lives, then there was always the ‘easy option’ in many people’s eyes. A vote for Mrs Clinton that could be publicly declared without any stigma attached, the only price to pay being that for the next 4 years their lives would remain exactly the same. This just wasn’t the case though. It wasn’t the case with Britain’s exit from Europe and it certainly wasn’t the case with Trumps election. People are fed up of the system they live in, the mediocre lives that people have become accustomed to, the public are craving change so badly that they’re willing to accept it in any form, good or bad, anything to change the complex of the day to day life that’s a constant struggle for so many.

It’s imperative that within this piece I mention Barack Obama in what has been a historic 8 years in the oval office. The 44th president and his family consistently conduct themselves with such class, dignity and honour, irrespective of anything else going on in the world. Mr Obama will forever be seen as a figure head for racial change and a catalyst for racial equality. The man is a complete gentleman that speaks so elegantly with such integrity. He was able to close the gap between the people and the power. He didn’t talk down to people, in fact he spoke up to billions of people around the world, forcing them to ask what they want to become and question whether or not they can achieve it, fittingly, he was able to convince people from around the globe that ‘yes they can’.

Obama was able to make a nation believe that despite all of their problems, be it financial struggle or the omnipresent issue of gun control, that they would be alright. But in that statement, lies the problem; perhaps under Barack Obama, it was all just make believe.

Do I condone Trumps rash and outrageous methods? Absolutely not. I don’t have any moral sympathy for Mr Trump nor do I find his personality particularly inspiring or likeable. But you cannot fault the man for standing up for something different. Its common knowledge that Trump was born with several silver spoons, but regardless he still continued to build his empire, call it greedy or egotistical but he was never satisfied. His ambition could be the catalyst for a successful term as the president of the United States and he can promote this sense of ambition amongst the everyday Americans that voted him into power, causing them to improve the quality of their lives dramatically.

Be it the truth or a lie, Trump stood up for the people. The ‘average joes’ finally had a voice, Trump managed to say all the things that his supporters were thinking, things that were risky and at times outright stupid. But the stupidity and risk all paid off and now Mr Trump, against all odds, is sat in the most powerful office in the world. It is completely petrifying, because nobody, not even the president himself, seems to know how the next 4 years are going to unfold. Ironically, nothing was more certain than uncertainty upon Trumps election, yet this was still the people’s choice. Forget marches, forget campaign rallies forget the celebrity protests, the people have spoken and that’s that. Nevertheless, he was elected against all odds, it would be fitting if he could succeed against all odds and actually make America ‘great again’.

Besides, if the next 4 years really are as bleak as they may seem, at least we have Kanye West to save the day as the 46th president of the United States come the year 2020… what could possible go wrong? Yeezus Christ help us.   

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2 thoughts on “Top Trump?

  1. Fantastic read!


  2. Bernie would have won.


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